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Promotion Strategy

Promotion strategy through brochures and leaflets

Why do it?

It is not easy at all to take advantage of promotional strategies. Advertising is a very important activity supposed to support them, but its success is bound to many factors that have to be taken into account. Ignoring certain aspects of the advertising campaign may lead to totally unexpected results and unwanted too, targeting the wrong market for example will wipe out your advertising budget for very little return.

Advertising products are not only expected to introduce products to consumers, but also to contribute to the formation of the product's image. Advertisements may be broadcast through several channels, such as mass media and electronic media. As an example, products may be advertised through magazines or through television.

The above mentioned channels have a significant impact on public attention, but they do not exclude other techniques like using promotional posters and leaflets, or brochures exposed in leaflet holder systems. Such options are very effective to gain potential customers.

How to do it?

Any promotion using brochures, leaflets and other printed materials requires a very clear understanding of some concepts. Unlike information transmitted through other media, printed information is not ephemeral, as a Latin adage says: verba volant, scripta manent.

First of all, the content of the printed materials has to be interesting. Brochure creators have to bear in mind that the time someone spends to read it depends on an eventual choice of eye catching colours, an inspired layout, but also on the benefits promised to people who are expected to take action faster.

A second point is to set the target market. The cost of designing and printing brochures, leaflets and posters is lower than other physical promotional media. However, if it is not directed exactly on the targeted group, money is simply lost. Giving such promotional materials to people has to happen only after clearly establishing the target market as well as its characteristics.

A third aspect is to find the right target group. The distribution of flyers to the right market may be made in exhibitions, seminars and any other adequate situations and places.

Then it is useful to distribute a few promotional materials to some relatives and friends. The idea is to test the effectiveness of the advertising materials and also to spread some information to persons who are supposed to do the same with their friends.

Finally, but also extremely important is to test and measure the effects of spreading the promotional materials. This point is essential for the success of the advertising campaign. A test must be performed prior to massive deployment of the campaign, in order to gain an idea about the target market and the method of dissemination. The procedure is not complicated, all it requires is inviting a few people, who are similar to the target audience, in order to see the behaviour of this group related to the promotional materials. If the group seems to be interested in the promoted products and even want to purchase at that very moment, then the advertising materials may be spread massively. After finishing the massive distribution of the materials, the success rate has to be measured and, if something is not as expected, corrections have to be made as soon as possible. Mistakes noticed in this stage must be avoided in the future.

Brochure and leaflet accessories

The service brochures and other printed promotional materials can bring to any organization is important. Specialists in marketing research always look for the best ways to deploy advertising campaigns and using printed stuff, especially brochures, is proved to be a good idea. Brochures and leaflets have gained a well-deserved place among promotional materials. Of course, producing brochures to promote a company or product is not enough. The way they are made available to potential customers is perhaps even more important.

For a good exposure of printed materials, specialized display units have to be used. Brochure and leaflet accessories are very much sought and therefore produced in a wide variety. There are lots of types of leaflet holders, with different characteristics, such as size, colour, materials they are made of, or the way they are assembled in racks.

Leaflet holders are apparatus dedicated to keeping printed materials for display purposes. They may be made of various materials. There is a large range of leaflet holders made of moulded plastic or wire framed. They have several sizes, such as A4, A5, A6, or DL (1/3 A4). Holders may have a single compartment and may be free-standing or mounted on the wall. In the latter case, leaflet holders are provided with a free stand, which can be clipped onto the leaflet holder's back in order to transform it into a free-standing holder. Clear plastic is the material they are made of, so that printed materials can be seen even if they are inside the apparatus.

Besides the single compartment holders, 2, 3 or 4 compartments leaflet holders are available in sizes like A5, A6 and DL. Compartments are situated side by side. This way, multiple leaflets may be displayed in a single holder and the whole ensemble will take up considerably less space. Leaflet holders may also be mounted on an axis that lets them rotate, or may be mounted on a floor standing system, when they are supposed to be placed directly on the floor.
Leaflet holders are also well suited for offices or shops, where documents have to be placed in an orderly manner, as it is essential to easily retrieve them when they are needed. Therefore, the presence of such holders in all these places is a must. As holders can store papers of different sizes, all the papers of the office can be kept there. They will be easy to locate and will give an organized aspect to the office or shop.

Travel agencies may also fully benefit from such leaflet holders which can store printed materials containing useful information for tourists, as well as stationary.